A new JDBC driver for PostgreSQL aimed at supporting the advanced features of JDBC and Postgres

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Release 0.4


Brett Wooldridge (1):
      Fix OSGi headers.  Might be good to look at the maven-bundle-plugin for generating JARs at some point, but it doesn't play well with shade...

Guillaume Smet (14):
      Compile the version split pattern.
      implements Interval coercion
      No need to check for null before an instanceof
      rename a variable which is not a constant (it's a stateful one)     add a final where necessary
      add a final where necessary
      close the ResultSets in a finally clause
      Use equalsIgnoreCase instead of changing the case before calling equals
      this one is a real bug: the local owner is never set leading to     potential NPE
      Use String.indexOf(char) and String.lastIndexOf(char)
      No need to use toString() on a string
      Add missing @Override annotation: since Java 6, we can use @Override for     methods implementing an interface method
      Use try with resources instead of a try / finally pattern
      Update Maven dependencies. Also update plugin dependencies.
      Update Maven dependencies and Maven plugins

Kevin Wooten (6):
      [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
      Add support for server version 9.1
      Fix style errors (not sure how they slipped by)
      Perform parameter coercion on batch executions
      Support truncate command tag
      [maven-release-plugin] prepare release pgjdbc-ng-0.4

Mikko Tiihonen (2):
      Do not eat the exception message if it caught exception is the root exception
      Support parsing devel versions like '9.4devel'



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