A new JDBC driver for PostgreSQL aimed at supporting the advanced features of JDBC and Postgres

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Release 0.5


Brett Wooldridge (7):
      Code for handling command complete only allows one "parts" after "ALTER", but in this case there are two "DEFAULT" and "PRIVILEGES".
      Fix #97 merge proposed fix, add test case.
      Fix #95 cleaner implementation of parse/redaction.
      Fixed timezone test based on similar fix in the postgresql jdbc driver.
      Fix #96 many implicit conversions to/from String were broken.
      Add new SQL parse test.
      Minor parser cleanup, and fix for division (/) handling.

Guillaume Smet (5):
      Remove simple StringBuffer usage in favor of StringBuilder
      Remove StringBuffer usage by using local StringBuilders     Remove the synchronized in favor of cloning the reference calendar and     using local StringBuffers
      Notice should be Serializable as it is used in NoticeException which is     Serializable
      Fix a typo in a comment
      Fix URL parameter parsing when an int/Integer is required.

Jesper Pedersen (35):
      Further component updates
      New checkstyle settings
      checkstyle fixes
      Support boolean and long URL parameters too
      Delegator equals should call the underlying object
      Support application name and client encoding
      Netty 4.0.26
      Let data sources implement javax.naming.Referenceable
      Only perform recovery on the current database
      Add fallback for service loader
      More information for parsing exception
      Statement/ResultSet: FetchDirection
      Time/Timestamp: Support String instance
      Add some byte[] tests
      Some parameter tests
      Add testGetRealAsFloat()
      Batch failure tests
      Expose NetworkTimeout as configuration, and fix resolution
      Only translate needed parameters: applicationName / clientEncoding
      Document configuration parameters
      Netty 4.0.27
      Support findbugs
      Add testAutoCommitNetworkTimeout test case
      Set timeout and account for SQLException in isValid(int)
      Always verify if the channel is active
      Add kill connection test case
      Keep track of parameters set
      Add SQL state to checkClosed()
      Make isValid(int) synchronized
      Fix prepared statement cache disabled scenario
      Unify housekeeper property name
      Performance improvement
      Feedback from Brett
      Return XAER_RMFAIL for SQLTimeoutException

Kevin Wooten (11):
      [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
      Upgrade to Netty 4.0.23
      Reference count the ThreadedHousekeeper nd shut it down when all connections are closed
      Perform DriverManager.registerDriver in static initialization to ensure only one PGDriver is ever registered
      Add custom PGDriver.cleanup call to perform, and wait for, complete shutdown of thread pools
      Load ProcProviders as Service
      Fix #89 & add test coverage
      Fix shutdown order to try & kill netty's ThreadDeathWatcher
      Fixes #123 DatabaseMetaData.getPrimarys respects table filter
      Use snyced method for ThreadedHousekeeper reference counting, fixes #125
      Fix bug in PGSQLInput readBytes

Mikko Tiihonen (2):
      Fix hardcoded test usernames to use the TestUtil.getUser() so that tests pass with configured alternative user.
      Update netty (fixes POODLE vulnerability,     Also compiler, surefire, jar, checkstyle and build-helper plugins are updated to latest versions.

jesperpedersen (1):
      pgjdbc-ng 0.5



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