A new JDBC driver for PostgreSQL aimed at supporting the advanced features of JDBC and Postgres

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Release 0.6


Artem Prigoda (2):
      Add support for CITEXT type
      Don't ignore a calendar in column-label time methods

Brent Avery (2):
      Bug #179 fix - handle alter text search configuration sql
      Bug #179 - add tests

Frode Carlsen (2):
      fix for test errors - blobtest eol error, codectext interval format for locale error, race condition in connectiontest.testKillConnection
      minimal support for external extensions to pgjdbc datatypes

Jesper Pedersen (14):
      Netty 4.0.28.Final
      Fix Ignore'd executeBatch tests
      Add a test case for a column alias
      Add a strict mode to force byte[] cast for getObject(int)
      Added strict mode for getColumnName(int)
      Expand strict mode for Double / Types.REAL
      Add underlying message to exception
      StrictMode documentation
      Check if connection is closed in execute()
      [#183] Check for length in consumeSinglelineComment
      Include more information in IllegalStateException
      Guard against size violation
      [#187] Netty 4.0.32.Final

Kevin Wooten (4):
      [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
      Support LOCK in protocol command complete
      Fix javadoc errors
      [maven-release-plugin] prepare release pgjdbc-ng-0.6



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