A new JDBC driver for PostgreSQL aimed at supporting the advanced features of JDBC and Postgres

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Release 0.7

We are proud to announce the pgjdbc-ng-0.7 release.

The release contains the following changes

plus a lot of improvements, and bug fixes.

All users should upgrade. Detailed changelog below.


Michael Ennen
    Make BasicContext.loadLocale() handle Windows locales.

Claus Ibsen
    Fixes #250 to make OSGi manifest up to date, and use maven plugin to generate the manifest

George Kankava
    multiple code improvements: squid:UselessParenthesesCheck, squid:S2131
    multiple code improvements: squid:S1192, squid:S1226
    squid:ClassVariableVisibilityCheck Class variable fields should not have public accessibility
    squid:UselessParenthesesCheck Useless parentheses around expressions should be removed to prevent any misunderstanding
    squid:S1854 Dead stores should be removed
    squid:S2293 The diamond operator should be used
    squid:CommentedOutCodeLine Sections of code should not be commented out
    squid:S1125 Literal boolean values should not be used in condition expressions
    squid:S2325 private methods that dont access instance data should be static
    multiple code improvements squid:S1905, squid:S1488, squid:EmptyStatementUsageCheck, squid:S1153

Primoz Kolaric
    escape ? jsonb operator with double ??

    Fix parsing standard-conforming strings

    Revert to Netty 4.1.4 due to netty/netty#6246
    Unify SSL configuration
    Fix ResultSet leak in getUDTs()
    CursorFetchTest: Add ORDER BY for testGetRow()
    Netty 4.0.43.Final
    Disallow public fields
    Revert to Netty 4.0.40 due to
    Clear active statements in closeStatements()
    Statement and ResultSet cleanups
    Make buffer private
    Netty 4.0.42
    Netty 4.0.40
    Close statement
    Add PostgreSQL 9.5 to test matrix
    DatabaseMetaData: Support PostgreSQL 9.6 in getIndexInfo
    Add buffer size properties
    Add DefaultFetchSize property
    Netty 4.0.34.Final
    Cache Xid identifier, and add basic XA test suite
    SSL for datasources

Yurii Rashkovskii
    Problem: netty-all doesn't work in OSGi environment
    Minor typo fix in logging

    Added tests for multi schemas UDTs mapping #184

David Stipp
    junit tests for package com.impossibl.postgres.system.tables
    Add Travis CI support.

Kevin Wooten
    [maven-release-plugin] prepare release pgjdbc-ng-0.7
    Bump to Netty 4.1.7
    Update the `RequiredTests` test suite
    Add `leakCheck` profile to maven build
    Make debugging ByteBuf leaks easier
    Fix ByteBuf leak in ResultSetMetaDataTest
    Fix ByteBuf leak in BindExecCommand & QueryCommand
    Fix ResultBatch & DataRow release in batch calls
    Close InputStreams consume during coercion
    Close InputStreams from coercion
    Ensure blob & clob streams are closed properly
    Move to Netty 4.1 series
    Clear PhantomReferences after dequeue & remove
    Logging for tracking down Housekeeper fails
    Update IDEA project files
    Fix initialization of connection’s cleanup task
    Close returned `InputStream`s in `CodeTest`
    Close `InputStream`s produced in unit tests
    Close `InputStream`s used inside `getBytes`
    Translate "C" & "POSIX" locales
    Simplify array copy
    Propagate SQL warnings during batch execution
    Fix cast problem with SQLException throwing during command execution
    Pass statement name to parent constructor correctly
    Use connections _safe_ execute method to begin transactions
    Ensure connection is closed properly when connection is killed in background
    Delay any parsing until data is requested
    Update IDEA project files
    Add IDEA project files
    Fix race condition for no-data commands that receive a spurious wake up
    Add unit test for enums
    Support UDT's in specific schemas
    Add IDEA project file
    Remove Java 8 usage & fix checkstyle
    Fix incorrect text encoding of `Point`
    Remove redundant (and obsolete) Interval code
    Fix text parsing of bytea types
    Parse numerics from server using server's locale
    Enforce max field size properly during text decoding
    Fix text decoding of records & arrays
    Remove streaming bind support
    Support alternate locales when parsing Intervals
    Allows use of "record" psuedo type when returning results
    Fix protocol to allow max bound parameters and fields
    Upgrade Netty & fix ByteBuf reference counting
    Allow null to be passed to PreparedStatem setDate, setTime, setTimestamp
    Add simple unit test for table locking
    Fix NPE when BlobOutputStream#close() is called more than once
    Clear out listeners on connection close
    Skip JSON on servers that don't support it
    Skip JSONB on servers that don't support it
    Fix minimum length for binary jsonb
    Fix dimension calculation for Object[]
    Fix code style
    Fix off-by-one in array coercion
    Support JSONB & JSON
    Use strong references for notification listeners
    Cover LOCK, GRANT & REVOKE in command tag parsing
    Graceful shutdown in container environments
    Hide known complex command tags
    Stop throwing errors for unhandled command tags
    Automatically deploy to maven when Travis succeeds
    Disable kill connection test in 9.1
    Workaround failure for 9.1 LIKE escaping
    Fix RAISE NOTICE test failure in Travis-CI
    Fixed import munged during checkin
    Ensure bytes & streams can be retrieved repeatedly
    Handle ByteBufInputStream properly
    Quote table names in generated SQL
    [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration




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