A new JDBC driver for PostgreSQL aimed at supporting the advanced features of JDBC and Postgres

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Features Included

Connection format

The connection format for the pgjdbc-ng driver is


An example



The java.sql.Driver class is


The driver will accept configuration parameters in the style of


Data sources

The javax.sql.DataSource class is


, the javax.sql.ConnectionPoolDataSource class is


and the XADataSource class is



The driver and data sources supports the following configuration properties (name, type and default value).

host      (String) localhost

The ‘host’ parameter specifies the host name of the database server. Data sources only.

port         (int)     5432

The ‘port’ parameter specifies the port number of the database server. Data sources only.

database     (String)

The ‘database’ parameter specifies the name of the database on the database server. Data sources only.

user   (String)

The ‘user’ parameter specifies the user name.

password     (String)

The ‘password’ parameter specifies the password.

housekeeper      (boolean) true

The ‘housekeeper’ parameter specifies if the JDBC driver should keep track connections, statements and result sets and automatically close them if they can’t no longer be reached.

parsedSqlCacheSize   (int)   250

The ‘parsedSqlCacheSize’ parameter specifies how big the cache size for parsed SQL statements should be.

preparedStatementCacheSize (int)     50

The ‘preparedStatementCacheSize’ parameter specifies how big the cache size for PreparedStatement instaces should be.

applicationName          (String)  pgjdbc app

The ‘applicationName’ parameter specifies the application name associated with the connection on the database server.

clientEncoding          (String)  UTF8

The ‘clientEncoding’ parameter specifies the client encoding for the database server.

networkTimeout         (int)     0

The ‘networkTimeout’ parameter specifies the default timeout in milliseconds for the connections. A value of 0 indicates that there isnt a timeout for database operations.

strictMode          (boolean)  false

The ‘strictMode’ parameter specifies if the JDBC driver should follow behavior assumed by certain frameworks, and test suites. See for additional details.


pgjdbc-ng is released under the 3 clause BSD license.




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